Here’s How These Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Achieved Their Dreams

Here’s How These Aircraft Maintenance Personnel Achieved Their Dreams

Line maintenance is a string of checks and repairs, performed during turnaround periods in between flights. A team of engineers and technicians are required to carry out maintenance and ensure the aircraft is ready for safe flight operations, and is on schedule.

If you’ve got your sights set on working in aircraft maintenance, you’ve come to the right place! This exciting and rewarding career is definitely one for those who love the thrill and excitement of the aviation industry, and enjoy hands-on interaction with the technical side of aircraft performance. An added bonus is that your workplace is among magnificent aircraft, with prime view of take-offs and landings!

(Source: Dviation Group)

Many people want to be part of an aircraft maintenance crew, but do not know how to go about it. Some of the common mistakes faced by those seeking to be an aircraft maintenance engineer or technician are:

  • Taking the wrong course
  • Missing out on essential training
  • Obtaining unsuitable certifications

These can cost you time and money, and may not get you to your intended goal. Find out how four members of Dviation’s Technics maintenance crew achieved their dreams of working in line maintenance, and you just may find your own path!

Asyraf Ahmad, B1 (mechanics) Licensed Aircraft Engineer

Asyraf communicating with the pilot aboard
(Source: Dviation Group)

Asyraf worked as a technician with other maintenance companies prior to joining Dviation. In 2016, he joined the Type Course training offered by Dviation and gained his Type Training certificate; followed by which, he went on to work as an LAE with Dviation.

As a B1 LAE, Asyraf’s responsibilities include certifying aircraft after transit checks, and working with technicians to ensure all maintenance checks are done on schedule. During transit checks, Asyraf is in contact with ground crew, as well as the pilots on board, to prepare for a safe and efficient flight operation.

‘Because my family comes from an aviation background, it was only natural for me to pursue a career in this field. I worked as an aircraft technician for a while, before enrolling in a Type Course at Dviation. It was there that I established my career as an engineer. What sets Dviation apart is how close-knit all the staff are – we’re all like one big family.’

JJ Ong, B2 (avionics) Licensed Aircraft Engineer

JJ during a transit check in KLIA.
(Source: Dviation Group)

After returning from his training in Bristol, UK, JJ became a technician based at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Subang. Like Asyraf, JJ joined a Type Course training carried out by Dviation, and began his career as an engineer with Dviation.

 JJ inspecting the turbine of an A320
(Source: Dviation Group)

The responsibilities of a B2 LAE are similar to that of a B1 LAE. However, instead of focusing on the mechanics of the aircraft, JJ spends more on electrical instruments and radio components. A B2 LAE is responsible for certifying the aircraft after avionics troubleshooting, and communicating with pilots, technicians and ground crew.

‘I have always been interested in aviation, which is why I decided to pursue this career. And with Dviation, you get to work in a ‘family’, with lots of engaging activities.’

 Satheesh Kumar, Aircraft Technician

Satheesh inspecting the landing gear
(Source: Dviation Group)

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