4 Things You Need To Know About Being An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

4 Things You Need To Know About Being An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft are supremely advanced vehicles that run on highly complex systems; and it takes brilliant mechanics to keep these systems in working condition. Such an individual is known as an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME), whose job is to keep aircraft functioning and in good condition through inspections, installations, maintenance and repairs. In other words, AMEs ensure that all components of an aircraft (from the avionics to the airframe) are safe and functioning for flight operations.

If you’re looking to be an AME here are the important bits you should know before taking up a course:

1. In all aspects, it is an extremely rewarding career

It surely is an amazing feeling to know that – made possible by your expertise – an aircraft is flying overhead, because of your efforts in its maintenance. And the passengers on board are able to arrive at their destination safely thanks to your skills in keeping the aircraft functional. While pilots are the ones in control of an aircraft, aircraft maintenance engineers are the true behind-the-scenes heroes.

Not only is being an AME emotionally satisfying, it is also financially rewarding. According to www.payscale.com, the average salary of an aircraft maintenance engineer in Malaysia ranges up to RM 224,882, with the median being RM 83,890 per year. What’s there not to love about this profession!

2. AMEs are trained to carry out a wide range of stimulating skilled tasks

Source: Dviation Group

There is so much more to aircraft maintenance than simply keeping the aircraft functional. Typically, an AME’s responsibilities include diagnosing and repairing both mechanical and electrical problems, repairing and replacing aircraft components, and testing aircraft performance – bear in mind that, depending on the qualifications you hold, your roles may differ and extend beyond this scope.

3. You don’t need a degree to be an AME

Source: Dviation Group

Many people wrongly believe that to work on planes, you must first obtain a degree. And many also wrongly believe that once you’ve gotten your degree, you can immediately apply for AME positions. Truth is, with or without a degree, you will have to go through training to receive certification as a licensed AME. While it could be beneficial to you if you’ve already gone through university for a degree, you ultimately require training to be a certified AME.

If you aren’t sure where to start, you’re in for some good news – Dviation International Training Organization has everything you need to know! They offer training courses for you to become an AME, and more!

4. Constant learning is a MUST

Source: Dviation Group

Throughout your career as an AME, you will require constant learning and retraining to stay up-to-date. To attain success in this industry, you need the discipline to be proactive so that you can build your skills. This is achieved by getting additional certifications, going for refresher courses and currency trainings.

Dviation offers a wide variety of courses, including Basic Engineering for Workshop Personnel, Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Reliability, Airworthiness Review, as well as various type courses (including all Airbus and Boeing type courses) to equip you with the skills and knowledge that will propel you towards success in your career.

For more info, visit www.dviation.com or email [email protected] to begin your career as an AME today!

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