Out With Paper Charts, In With Digitised Displays

Out With Paper Charts, In With Digitised Displays

Paper Charts: Soon To Be A Thing of the Past

It comes as no surprise that flight documents are moving away from paper format. Instead, charts and maps are now progressing towards digitised forms. This transition comes as an effective and beneficial improvement throughout the commercial and general aviation industries, as well as in the military, where operations are highly sophisticated.

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The Digitising Medium

Compressed ARC Digitised Raster Graphics (CADRG) is a format through which charts and maps can be digitised. CADRG image data is equipped to provide aircraft cockpit moving map displays, with high-resolution text and map contour lines. This ensures that both printed and digital maps in this format are distinctly readable. Once digitised, the charts and maps can be converted into specific formats for cockpit display. This technology is highly versatile, and allows direct use by aircraft cockpit displays; CADRG data is arranged in frames with constant pixel sizes. As a result, even avionics computers with limited memory and processing capabilities are able to run CADRG data.

Source: aviationtoday.com

Advantageous Advances

With the digitisation of paper charts and maps, excess weight carried on aircraft is no longer a problem that must be dealt with. Furthermore, the display of such documents on the cockpit reaps benefits for fighter aircraft and helicopters, in terms of flight operations & urgent missions. The computer-readable digital chart images and maps in theatre battle management, mission planning and digital moving map systems.

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Not Just For Aircraft

The use of the converted paper charts is not limited to cockpits; they can also be for desk top planning use, supported on standard computers. Together with the technical support of Jeppesen, Dviation can meet your requirements in converting charts and maps from paper format to digitised form, for both cockpit and desk top uses – providing cutting-edge solutions for your cockpit moving map system, flight and mission planning and dispatch needs.

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