The Best Places for Aviation Job Opportunities


The 2019 Boeing Pilot & Technician Outlook has forecasted that, between now and 2038, the industry will require 769,000 new aircraft maintenance personnel. This enormous number reflects the immense rate at which the aviation industry (including the aircraft maintenance sector) will be growing in the next 20 years. So, for all aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians, a bright future is in store for you! And for those of you who are aspiring aircraft maintenance personnel, now is indeed a great time to enter the industry and begin your career in this field!


With air travel growing so rapidly all over the world, you might wonder which locations have the best prospects. Well, here are 5 countries (in no particular order) with a flourishing aviation industry to keep an eye on:


  1. Malaysia


By 2035, Malaysia is expected to have 1 million jobs in the aviation industry. This is a large proportion for the industry alone, in comparison to its currently 31.6 million-strong population. The possible attributes to this is the growth of the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) sector and increase in intra-region travel in the ASEAN region.

To cater to this growth, companies such as Dviation is offering top-class aircraft maintenance training courses for current and aspiring aircraft maintenance personnel. They also provide recruitment services, matching you to an employer, to help bridge the gap between supply and demand of skilled aviation personnel.


  1. Vietnam


This nation, on the Indochina Peninsula, will have 5.3 million aviation jobs by 2035, with the aviation industry forecasted to contribute US$23 billion to the national GDP. Over the last decade, the Vietnamese aviation industry has grown by 17.4% thanks to an increase in tourism and the expansion of local airlines.


  1. Cambodia


In 2018, the number of flights to and from Cambodia increased by 16.2%, while the number of passengers, and air cargo rose by over 21% and 15% respectively. Should this trend continue to increase, Cambodia’s flourishing aviation industry will have much room for new jobs and business opportunities.

While the aircraft maintenance sector is still in its infancy as of yet, the Cambodian government continues to source for investment from foreign companies. In line with this vision, Dviation has recently announced a collaboration with Cambodia’s Civil Aviation Training Centre (CATC) to develop aviation skills in the nation.


  1. Indonesia


Indonesia is known as a hub for MRO activities. Multiple airlines in Indonesia have their own MRO facilities and are looking to increase their third-party maintenance work.  Boasting US$99 billion in GDP contribution, and 8.8 millions jobs by 2035, it’s no doubt that Indonesia is indeed an aviation hotspot, particularly in the MRO sector.

Plus, the world’s largest narrowbody maintenance hangar is in located in Cengkareng, Indonesia!


  1. Croatia


Due to the rising proportion of middle- and high-income earners in Asia, much of the aviation industry’s growth is attributed to this region (as seen in this list, which has been all about Asian countries up to this point).

However, here’s a European country for a change! Increasing inbound traffic as a result of growing tourism has been a strong driver for growth in the Croatian aviation industry. It’s no secret that Croatia is no stranger to the maintenance sector – just a quick online search will show you! Yet, as it is all around the world, supply of skilled labour needs to keep up with the industry’s demand.

As such, in early 2019, Dviation established Dviation Croatia, the European branch of the company. They have also successfully obtained the EASA Part 147 approval to provide a range of aircraft maintenance training.


Dviation is a Malaysian company that has become one of the fastest-growing aviation solution providers in ASEAN. Offering services such as aircraft maintenance, training, recruitment and consultancy, Dviation is truly a one-stop company for all things aviation. Visit https://www.dviation.com for a list of training courses, job openings, and more!

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