How to Bounce Back in Your Aviation Career After Covid-19!


The past few months have been tough. By now, you would’ve known the extent of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our world as we know it has been disrupted by a wave of unprecedented health, economic, and social impacts.

The aviation industry is one of the many industries that have suffered great losses due to the Covid-19 outbreak. And for those of us whose ‘bread and butter’ are found in this industry, the future may not seem so certain.

But enough of that – you have probably seen and heard more than a fair share of bleak news. Let’s put a fresh perspective on things and look ahead towards life, post-pandemic.

Amidst our busy daily lives, our schedules often do not permit us to focus on ourselves. The good news is that we have plenty of time to ourselves, now that most of us are either in self-isolation or under a lockdown (or Movement Control Order). So, let’s make the most of this time by being productive and working on ourselves. Here’s how:


  1. Pick up a new skill, or brush up on one you already have


You can find over 100,000 online courses on Udemy, one of the many e-learning platforms available on the web. They have courses in a selection of languages, so you can learn in the language you’re most comfortable with.

The prestigious Harvard University also offers free online classes. By completing the online course, you can request for a verified certificate from the university as a form of subject credit.

Soft-skills courses like presentation, leadership, communication and management classes are among the in-demand courses right now. Or perhaps, you might even want to take up a new language! Duolingo presents free language classes where you can pick up the basics of over 93 languages. Being in aviation – a truly international industry that crosses borders – knowing an additional language is always a plus!


  1. Or if online classes are not your cup of tea, register for a physical class instead!

Source: Dviation Group

Another highly effective way to get your career going is to attend aviation courses – once the MCO is lifted, of course! By attending regulatory and mandatory courses, you are opening yourself up to so many more career opportunities.

Dviation offers a wide range of courses, encompassing Type Courses (theory and practical) and Regulatory Courses. With the EASA- or CAAM-accredited certs you receive from Dviation upon course completion, you are equipped with value that every aviation employer appreciates.

Some of the courses offered by Dviation can be attended on your own, as an individual, while some are open to corporate clients. Also, don’t forget to look out for their numerous discounts available for registrants! Stay up-to-date via their social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram), or get the full course calendar at http://eepurl.com/ghqWLH.


  1. Revise and refine your resume


Pull up that resume of yours. Does it stand out? Is it too messy? Are the important bits easy to spot? And most importantly, is it updated? You may have not looked at your resume in a while, and you may have new achievements to add to it (like the new skill or language you’ve picked up from point 1!).

While Microsoft Word comes with a selection of sleek resume templates, you might want to set yours apart with a personalized one on Canva. This free website (with premium purchases) offers highly customizable templates, with a wide range of designs to match your preferences.


  1. Read one piece of aviation content everyday

Source: Dviation Blog

Here’s a fun way to learn something new each day: make a commitment to yourself to read an aviation-related piece to start (or end) your day!

Looking for somewhere to start? Head on over to Dviation’s blog, where you’ll find a full spectrum of topics ranging from technical articles, to historical articles, to job-related ones.

For starters, try ‘What Happens When A Commercial Jet Disappears’, ‘The Best Places for Aviation Job Opportunities’, and ‘4 Technologies That are Changing the MRO Industry’.


  1. Practice mindfulness


During these trying times of uncertainty, we might feel confused and worried – and that is perfectly normal! In fact, a study carried out by King’s College London has acknowledged that there are indeed a number of mental health effects linked to being quarantined.

One useful method to keep our head in the game and stay ‘on the ball’ is by practicing mindfulness. Mindful.org explains that “mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us”.

There is a plethora of mindfulness apps to help you begin and sustain a lifestyle of mindfulness. Check out Headspace, Simple Habit, and Calm.

When your mind is at ease, you’ll be both mentally and physically ready to take hold of your career post-Covid-19.


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