5 Ways to Boost Your Aviation Employability Post-COVID

It’s no doubt that the aviation industry took a big hit during the pandemic. Unfortunately, many aviation professionals lost their jobs as a direct result of extended lockdowns and border closures – but on the flip side, this means that there is an abundance of available roles to be filled, now that the industry is picking up.

Are you ready to move forward and onward, towards accelerated recovery as the demand for air travel bounces back like never before? Here are 7 useful tips to prepare yourself in becoming more employable in the aviation industry, whether you’re looking to bounce back or advance in your career.

  1. Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

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Recruiters and hiring managers prefer one-page resumes that are easy to skim through. So, write in a short and concise manner; and most importantly, make sure your strengths and highlights can be easily picked out from your resume.

Tip: here are some comprehensive tips on writing a solid resume. You could also write a cover letter to strengthen your application, depending on the requirements stated in the job posting.


  1. Widen Your Network

Dviation Group Managing Director, Kevin Teoh, and Head of Commercial, To Chow Leah speaking with visitors at the Selangor Aviation Show 2022

Have you heard of the saying “Your network is your net worth”?

Author, Porter Gale, writes about how your network can directly influence how much you’re worth. As someone looking to boost your employability, this phrase is highly applicable to your goals. Seek to expand your network so that your chances of employability and growth are increased.

Tip: attend trade shows and conferences whenever possible. These are great places to meet link-minded individuals with whom you can exchange thoughts, which is crucial to professional growth.


  1. Build Your Social Media Profiles

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Not only should you build your network in-person – try and widen your professional social media circle, too. The power of social media goes far and wide.

Tip: keep your LinkedIn profile updated and share any highlights you have achieved. Employers are increasingly paying attention to LinkedIn profiles where they can find out more about a potential hire.


  1. Stay in the loop on industry trends

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Do you know about the latest happenings in the industry? What are some trends that industry players are moving towards? What are the latest technological developments and breakthroughs?

Keeping yourself updated on aviation news can help you prove to employers that you can add value to the organisation, beyond your scope of expertise. This also helps you start conversations and share ideas when networking.

Tip: follow industry players on social media for quick updates, and read aviation news from credible sources such as Simple Flying and AeroTime Hub.


  1. Upskill, Upskill, Upskill!

Aviation professionals upskilling themselves at Dviation’s Human Factors Initial course with Mr. Abdul Warith

The most important thing that employers look for in a new-joiner is their skills! Job applicants who have a wide skillset, in addition to the job requirements, have higher chances of securing the position.

Thanks to the pandemic, many courses are now being offered online, which means you can attend from wherever you are. Dviation offers world-class regulatory training and type courses, all of which are hybrid, so you can either attend in-person or online.

Tip: check out a range of aviation courses from Dviation to build your skillset and ultimately improve your employability.

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